What we fund

For a number of years, The Linder Foundation has been a supporter of a variety of science and arts charitable institutions. Today, grants are divided into six distinct areas:

Medical Research

Research into any branch of medicine is considered with a preference for those relating to surgery. Projects can range from basic research to clinical research but those with an emphasis on applied or translational study (using basic findings to create new therapies, procedures or diagnostics) will be prioritised.

Medical Electives (by invitation only)

Projects providing a unique opportunity for medical students to experience healthcare in an unfamiliar setting will be considered. Typically these are in low resource settings although specialist centres relevant to the student’s future are also encouraged. Overseas placements are prioritised.

Individual awards of electives are made through invited medical schools, currently Imperial College, Sheffield, Oxford, Glasgow, Queen Mary & Westfield, King’s College and Swansea and are by invitation only.

Hospices and Respite Care

Applications from charitable institutions that focus on projects providing palliative care for the chronically ill, terminally ill or seriously ill are eligible. Priority will be given to those focussing on relieving pain, provision of emotional/spiritual sustenance and temporary support to caregivers.

Young People

Schemes that aim to improve the mental health and development of young people, particularly teenagers, young offenders and those in care through educational, cultural, sporting or other activities are of interest. Particular consideration will be given to projects enhancing self-confidence, team-working skills and future employability.

The Environment

Charitable institutions that require funding for projects to address the harmful effects of human activity on the environment will be considered especially those seeking to protect or enhance the natural world for the benefit of both humans and the wider environment.

The Arts

The Foundation supports musical tuition and concerts, concentrating on youth, progress and innovation.

It also supports the art of Illustration through the Victoria and Albert Museum.