What we fund

The Linder Foundation provides funding to projects which fall under six main categories.

Medical Research

The foundation welcomes applications from any branch of medical research, but particularly looks to support research relating to heart surgery. Projects with an emphasis on applied or translational study will be prioritised.

Please see the Medical Research eligibility criteria for more information.

Medical Electives (by invitation only)

The foundation has a long history of supporting medical student electives through seven chosen university medical schools.  Applications cannot be made without invitation.

Hospices and Respite Care

The trustees seek to support charitable institutions that focus on providing palliative care for the seriously and terminally ill. Priority is given to applications which focus on relieving pain and providing support to caregivers as well as projects that provide emotional and/or spiritual sustenance.

Please see the Hospices and Respite Care eligibility criteria for more information

Young People

We support projects that aim to improve outcomes for vulnerable young people, particularly those who have suffered from Adverse Childhood Experiences and childhood trauma, by means of educational, intervention, mentoring or therapeutic activities. Particular consideration will be given to early intervention and rehabilitation projects designed to prevent offending or re-offending.

Please see the eligibility criteria for Young People for more information

The Environment

The Foundation provides support to research projects aiming to address the harmful effects of human activity on the environment. The trustees are especially interested in projects or charities which are centred around protecting and enhancing the natural world for the benefit of both humans and the wider environment.

Please see The Environment eligibility criteria for more information

The Arts

The Linder family has a long history of supporting and championing the arts. Leslie Linder’s decoding of Beatrix Potter’s secret diary, and his subsequent bequests of her artwork to the Victoria & Albert Museum, made a significant contribution to the preservation of her extraordinary work, allowing the public to enjoy and admire it for decades.

This legacy continues in the Foundation’s commitment to sponsoring projects which uphold and embody the importance of the arts.

Please see The Arts eligibility criteria for more information.